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Retail Interior Design

Retail Interior Design Services in Brisbane

Few would argue that a well-designed store doesn’t sell more products. Hiring experienced designers, skilled at maximising the impact that a space can have for sales, is therefore a must for any retail interior design project for Brisbane stores.

But shop interior design is a specialist area that requires specific design knowledge and experience. The team at Brisbane Commercial Interiors has been helping leading retailers around the city design creative spaces for selling their products since 2007.

Our professional retail interior design services can add original touches that make the customer experience more enjoyable, the layout more effective and the whole enterprise more profitable for the business owner.

We improve store layouts and provide recommendations based on an understanding of best practices and what is most effective, with a focus on boutique retail design for concept stores and high-end outlets.

Our retail fitouts are fully project managed from start to finish. There is no out-of-the-box solution and only once we have a full understanding of the requirements do we get to work on planning and design.

We can look after all of the following:

  • Glazing
  • Electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Flooring – anti-slip or epoxy available
  • Painting
  • Security systems

  • Specification and installation of custom cabinets and display systems
  • Air conditioning
  • IT  requirements
  • Storage solutions
  • Health & safety

Our team designs individually-tailored solutions aimed at delivering customers who are happy with the shopping experience and business owners who are happy with the returns.

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