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Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas

Great office design ideas can help Brisbane businesses reduce real estate costs, while boosting business productivity and helping you to retain and attract key people. They can also enhance company branding.

However the best office design ideas only come from interior designers with the necessary experience and talent to match client requirements to innovative approaches.

The team at Brisbane Commercial Interiors loves the challenge of creating new spaces. Our creative, forward-thinking team of designers is on top of the latest design trends and we strive to produce the ‘wow’ factor for clients.

We like to think of our clients’ customers and business partners congratulating them on their new fitout, and employees looking forward to coming to work in their new environment. You’ll find our office design ideas are original and eye-catching, but also affordable.

Office Decorating Ideas

If your Brisbane office looks and feels the part, it’s simply a better place to work in. Team members are happier in their work environment, and feel more positive about the business they work for. It makes them feel that the company cares about their wellbeing and this alone can improve productivity. Customers, suppliers and partners are also suitably impressed, as it becomes an extension of the company values and brand.

Original office design ideas such as smart use of breakout rooms or partitioning, new pieces and/or placement of furniture, smarter use of audio-visual equipment, better storage, or improved kitchen facilities, all improve the workplace.

Office Layout Ideas

The way a shop or office is laid out affects not just how it looks, but how it functions and how easy it is for people to do their jobs. Some simple office layout ideas can create stark improvements to comfort levels, aesthetics and to productivity…. without costing an arm and a leg.

Our team is experienced in recommending the best office layout design ideas that help retail outlets sell more and offices become more attractive and productive.

Brisbane Commercial Interiors is 100% Australian owned and we have been involved in many commercial office design projects around the city. Check out our office design gallery.
Whether you need design ideas for a shop or office fitout, we have the expertise to suggest something new and affordable…

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